1. BAT won an RCV in Rio DE janairo Police

2. Atrinet got the OCS funds for 2016

3. Meprolight Won two bids in Sao Paulo and Rio Grandos do Sul

4. ETS won a POC in Kuebeck, finish soon the BVG pilot

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Our Services

penetrating international markets

Many organizations and business entrepreneurs find penetrating international markets a complex challenge. The distance, the cultural and linguistic issues, the unknown economics, complicated bureaucracy, local regulations, and many more factors act as obstacles and sometimes barriers for groups wishing to develop on an international level.


Thanks to productive collaborations, we at OZEM have overcome these difficulties and have obtained the following accomplishments for our clients around the world globe, with particular emphasis on the
markets in Brazil and Germany:

  Locating proper investors, agents, distributors,
   and business partners in the destination countries

  Executing effective market surveys for the organization & its products

  Business Intelligence – locating and collecting information regarding the local competitors,
   market share, market behavior etc.

  Transferring production processes for foreign organizations when and where necessary

  Establishment of business connections and negotiations with potential
   customers in target countries

  Financial and Taxation consultation

  Marketing consultation and establishment of marketing
   and commercial strategy

  Actual sales for organizations in all fields

  Obtaining regulation permits

  Administrative and logistic needs: Shipping, handling,
   and storage of goods, customs procedures


Proven Success: 

  Reduction in costs and market penetration time: OZEM checks and tests the market for
   its customers, tracks down investors,    distributors, and relevant customers for their needs.
   And in general performs all procedures necessary for it's customers, thereby sparing them
   precious time and extensive administrative and operational costs.

  Vast experience with international business development with specialization
   in Brazilian and German markets

  Prevention of making critical mistakes during the procedures --
   OZEM׳s familiarity with the  local culture, regulations, import laws and taxes
   means less mishaps and more substantial savings for the organization.