1. BAT won an RCV in Rio DE janairo Police

2. Atrinet got the OCS funds for 2016

3. Meprolight Won two bids in Sao Paulo and Rio Grandos do Sul

4. ETS won a POC in Kuebeck, finish soon the BVG pilot

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EntroSysThe EntroSys Air Conditioning system provides personal and innovative air technology catered to your individual needs. The system cools or heats ambient air, as you choose, thus enabling a comfortable microclimate to exist within your riding gear.

The underlying concept is to provide individual and portable air-conditioning where and when you need it. Rather than air conditioning large volumes such as a chamber, it is in many cases more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly to provide a comfortable microclimate directly for the user. Moreover, in some cases, it is the only way to go, as with motorcycles riders.

The EntroSys Air Conditioning system consists of a compact unit and a lightweight air-delivery unit. The A/C unit is a very reliable unit, employing solid-state technology while operating on relatively low-level power (from an on-board unit).

The EntroSys Air Conditioning system is eco- friendly, low in carbon and without harmful gases to the Ozone layer.

The A/C unit has several pre-set modes: 3 cooling modes, 3 heating modes and 3 ventilation modes. The system is operated by a key-chain wireless remote control unit. The air-delivery unit is concealed in a lightweight vest to be worn under protective gear. Conditioned air from the A/C is driven into the vest via a compact manifold that is installed in the vest. The air is distributed evenly over the torso, generating a comfortable micro-climate under the garment.
The hose is connected to the vest and to the A/C unit with a quick-disconnect mechanism in case of emergency.

The EntroSys Air Conditioning System is ideal for:

Motorcycles riders

Trucks and transport vehicles in which comprehensive air conditioning is not cost efficient,
   due to: high  fuel consumption, engine deterioration, and increased air pollution

Employees working in Air Condition- free environments 

Those employed in extremely hot or cold climates.

Security forces using 2-wheel vehicles or those working in the field over time